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Caring Bridge – Update on Head Pressure Issue

Everything came back normal from the analysis of the spinal fluid. So good news. Now I just have to wait for my appointment with the neurologist to determine the treatment path for dealing with the elevated pressure. The neurologist mentioned dieuretics and weight loss as the primary treatments for this condition. Not sure how I am going to manage weight loss when I can’t really perform strenuous exercise since anything that elevates my heart rate makes me feel like my head is going to explode. Guess I can start with some light walking and go from there.

Regarding further study of the spots on my liver….I am scheduled for another PET scan week after next. The results of that will tell me whether the spots are benign or not. Everyone seems to feel that they probably are but I will feel better when the definitive proof is in.

On a note completely unrelated to cancer, I have come down with the stomach flu…it sucks! I haven’t been sick like this in a long time. I am better today than I have been the last couple of days thank goodness. Hope to be back to normal soon.

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