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This Is Me

My previous entry was my final Caring Bridge post.  It has been almost a year since being treated for brain metastases.  My life since then has been mostly about monitoring.  I have MRI scans of my brain and PET scans of my body every three months.  I am still on infusions of Herceptin every three weeks to protect my body and daily oral doses of Tykerb to protect my brain.  I had an MRI scan last week and it came back clear. I am scheduled for a PET scan at the end of next week.  I was originally supposed to have this scan in April, but about a week and a half ago, I started having a weird pain in my ribcage on the right side.  It feels like I pulled muscle there.  I don’t like unexplained pains that don’t subside, so I requested that my PET scan be moved up.  The doctors I have talked to about it seem confident that the issue is muscular and I hope that they are correct.  Unfortunately, the reality of living with this disease is that you think that every ache and pain is a sign of recurrence.  I will check back in when I have the results of my PET scan.  For now…please send positive energy my way for a good result!

Update – Both the MRI and the PET scan came back clear – sigh of relief for now!