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Caring Bridge – Reconstruction

Finally got my surgery date…May 8. They will finally replace my expanders with regular implants. I am glad that is moving forward again.

Been feeling pretty good…keeping busy during the day. My legs are finally getting stronger again. I am going to start physical therapy next week to get some good exercises for my core muscles. I have this theory that people lose their battle with cancer because their body gets progressively weaker with each episode. So my goal this time around is get strong again so that doesn’t happen to me. At least it is something that I can do…something I have power over.

From my Caring Bridge supporters:

I believe exercise and a healthy diet are the way to go. When you get strong you feel so much better. Happy you got a date for your “enhancement” ! ?

—Sharon, April 10, 2014

Great news Cindy. Just in time for bikini season ?. Good for you on physical therapy too. My Dr. told me for my back that Pilates was the best for strengthening the core. I go twice a week and walk 3.5 – 4 miles a day. It helps! Stay strong…and focused.

— Jill, April 10, 2014