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Caring Bridge – Post Reconstruction Surgery

Everything went well. I am sleepy and a little sore (thanks pain meds). Home already…enjoying some soup and R&R.

From my Caring Bridge supporters:

-AWESOME, Upward and Forward !!!

-Yea! Some good news! Thinking of you :-).

-Glad your home safe. Jesse needs to get on some recovery jerky for you. 🙂

-Love you

-Great news Cindy! Good to hear…nite, nite ( :

-Cindy you are so strong and positive. Thoughts for a smooth and pain free day!

-Thinking of you today Cindy. What relief you must be feeling to finally turn the page in this chapter. Looking forward to hearing a good report following your surgery. Praying for a quick recovery.

-Sooooo glad to hear you’re awake and back home!! Enjoy getting to know the new girls, and take it easy recouping. Love ya chief!!

-So glad to hear that you’re back home recovering. Wishing you well.

-Great news!!!!!!!!!

-Cindy, this is such wonderful news. You are always in my prayers. This is an old refrain but you are the bravest woman I have ever met. Keep it up because I think your tenacity is your strength. Luv your face.

-Good morning day after surgery!!