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Caring Bridge – Radiation – Check!

I completed Gamma Knife radiation yesterday. The worst part was the affixing of the head frame in the beginning. Ouch. But once it was on and the pressure subsided, it was not too bad. The rest of the procedure was completely painless. Now I will see the doctor for a follow up next month. And I will have MRI scans every three months to make sure nothing else is going on in there.

Next on the list…plastic surgery. I need to finish that up…as I am desperately tired of having that looming over me always. As it stands, it will be two surgeries. Both outpatient. I would love to have both wrapped by mid May but I’ll see what the doctor says.

Also on the list is my port…it has been misbehaving. I am going in next week to have a dye study done to make sure it is still working properly as far as using it to push meds. If it is, they can use it for that, just not to draw blood. If not, I will have to have it replaced.

Anyway…enough with the heavy. The weather is gorgeous outside. I booked a weekend getaway for Scott and I to go to Seattle in June. I am so excited. If anyone has a restaurant recommendation that would be great! We plan on eating seafood the whole time we are there of course.

Comments from Caring Bridge supporters:

Cindy do you remember when we went to Microsoft EBC years ago? One of the dinners we had was at Lark’s I thought…

 Keep on keeping on!

— Jody, March 18, 2014

Oh Cindy – Seattle sounds wonderful! So glad the radiation is now behind you. I know you’ll be glad to get the reconstructive part done next. Hang in there. Weather IS gorgeous outside. Hopefully Jacque, Jene & I will be able to see you this weekend.

— Jill, March 18, 2014

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