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Caring Bridge – PET Scan

Had a PET scan this week and is came back clean. So relieved. I think it gets more stressful every time I do this!
From my Caring Bridge supporters
-Hip, hip hooray!!!!


-Super news, Not the anxiety part, that sucks! 😉

-That’s excellent!

-That’s my girl! So happy.

-I wish I could say “I know what you are going through.” I don’t believe anyone can say that if they haven’t walked in your shoes. The only people that might come close is Scott, Madison, Brandon, your mother and you sisters. If I have said it once I have said it (too many times to count) but I will say it again, “you are the bravest person I know.” YAY!

-So glad to hear it. You continue to amaze me with how superbly you kicked this things a$$!!

-Rejoice!! Great news. Thanks for posting

-Good news Cindy!!! So glad to hear about your clear results.

-Hooray. I am glad it it was a good result. I have to remind myself before each test that it is a waste of time and energy to worry about it and that stressing over it won’t change the outcome. Sometimes that actually works. 🙂