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Caring Bridge – New Plan

Since my last post, I spoke to the doctor I met with today. He spoke to my surgeon and the new plan is for me to get a PET scan before scheduling the second surgery. They need more information based on the results of the CT and bone scans. I don’t have all the information yet on those results, but what I do know is that the bone scan was clear. From my CT, there is a spot on my lung that they need to investigate further. I have not actually spoken to my surgeon personally yet, but have a message out to him that I would like him to call me so we can review in detail the results o the two scans I need to understand where his head is at relative to the PET scan, what that will tell him, and how that might impact the course for my next surgery.
Comments on my post from my loved ones

-My prayer for you is to get a call for a PET scan today or Monday and somehow still have surgery Tuesday. Damn you Sue! GO AWAY!!!!!!

-Hi, Cindy. I’m thinking of you, and understanding how frustrating that waiting is… Laurie went through the same thing last year. In fact, she had to go in for the PET scan twice. But it’s a good thing to get more opinions and consider more alternatives for the BEST possible treatment. Just like an IT project – some of those out of the box ideas help to find the best solution, and help to rule out the ones that aren’t the best. So try to rest and relax, pamper yourself and be surrounded by loved ones.

-Hi Cindy, I looked up lung spots that show up on CT scans (the link is below). I hope this is useful. p.s. very jealous about the pedicures!

Good Morning Cindy! Thinking about you so wanted to reach out and just say Hi! I agree with Eileen, that these tests are all just part of the plan. I’m sure your doctor just wants to make sure he has all the “requirements” before determining if he should “build” vs. “buy”! LOL We aren’t so good being on the customer side are we? Good thing we are all in IT! In any event, hang in there and know that lots and lots of people are thinking about you and keeping you in their hearts and prayers while you go through a difficult time in your life. Before you know it, you will be in the middle of the project implementation, and than working on a sustained maintenance plan. Love ya, Maria

-Madison you are too cute!!! XOXO Auntie. Cindy, Great news on the bone scan! I hope the doctor calls you today so you can get the info you need. As always we are and will be thinking of you today. Sue may still be around for now but soon she will be gone!!! XOXO

-Cindy, Sending good vibes ~ BIG HUG!

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