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Caring Bridge – My Appointment Day Finally Arrives

February 27th finally arrived – the appointment day with my surgical oncologist. He confirmed my interpretation of the biopsy results.  I had an aggressive, HER2+, ER+, and PR+ tumor.  In simple terms, the tumor was fueled by a HER2 growth hormone as well as by estrogen in my body.  The good news was that there were targeted treatments available for tumors with these characteristics.  The bad news was that they tended to grow and spread very quickly.  The doctor said I would be having surgery, followed by chemotherapy, followed by radiation, and followed by hormone therapy.  While he left the decision up to me, it was obvious that he did not feel that complete mastectomy was warranted at this stage.  So we decide on a lumpectomy as a first step.  He wanted to do the surgery the following Tuesday – which I was extremely pleased with since it meant less waiting.  I was anxious to get the show on the road.  He did say that he would also be doing a sentinal node biopsy during the surgery to stage the cancer, which meant that they would need to inject radioactive dye into my breast prior to surgery so that he would be able to see which was the sentinal node.  Sentinal node is the fancy term for the first node that received lymph drainage from my breast.  Yeah – more needles.  He also went on further to apologize and say that the injection would “sting for about 5 minutes”.  Awesome – couldn’t wait for that.

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