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Caring Bridge – MRI

Had a follow-up MRI on Monday on my head and I am happy to report that my surgeon said that everything looks good! I still have a follow up with the doctor that did my radiation on Friday. Still have some pressure in my head especially when I bend over. It is better than it was but still there. Hopefully it will get better over time.Surgery is next Thursday to have my expanders replace with permanent implants. I can’t wait to have that done! I have had the expanders in for a year and a half. Ready to close that chapter.

From my Caring Bridge supporters:

-I know how much you hate those expanders, I’m happy for you getting them out. Yay!!

-Great news!

-So happy to see this. Sorry about the pressure I didn’t know about that. You continue to be in my prayers for healing and wisdom for your doctors. Yay about your surgery next week. Getting new girls is always fun!

-Can’t wait for next week to be over for you,,,,,,so happy for the good MRI news,,,,,


-Awesome news Sis!! XOXO