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Caring Bridge – MRI of the Head

Had a follow up MRI on my head on Tuesday. I have not seen the report or image yet but got preliminary info from the advice nurse at my surgeons office that they did not find any new masses. So that’s good. I am still have issues with pressure in my head. I had hoped it would go away after surgery but it hasn’t. My surgeon is out of town this week but will speak to him next week to see what the next steps are for fixing that. Anyway…looks like I can take a deep cleansing breath for the next 3 to 4 months until the next set of scans are due.
From my Caring Bridge supporters:
-CinZin: so glad to read the update and things look good. Yes, I think a good cleansing breath is due you. Love you


-Great news. Enjoy your time.

-Yeah…and rest up after a summer filled with camping!!

-So glad the results were encouraging and that they found no new masses. Yay!!!