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Caring Bridge – Long Overdue Update – Plastic Surgery Edition

Hi friends…for those of you still following, I thought I would provide an update on the various health threads I have going right now. There is a lot going on so I’ll break it up into chapters.

First…plastic surgery. I made a plan with my doctor to do the plastic surgery that uses tissue from my abdomen to recreate my breasts. I felt good about the approach for its long term viability and despite the fact that it is a more complicated approach up front. However, from the pre-op CT scan that was performed on my abdomen, it was questionable whether or not my anatomy would support this approach. My plastic surgeon recommended that we try the simpler approach first and go with implants. So….after much research and agonizing, I decided to go with his recommendation. There is a higher risk of complications with implants because of my radiation treatment which makes me nervous but I am hoping for the best. If implants don’t work out, we will revisit the other reconstruction options. So…I am back to weekly expansion (addition of fluid into the expanders in my chest). This stretches the skin, tissue, and muscle to prepare for the implants. The area is extremely sore for about 48 hours following a fill, but not unmanageable. There us a noticeable difference in the flexibility of the tissue that was radiated. It does not take much fluid before I feel the pressure from the fill. Good times! Looking forward to having this behind me.


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