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Caring Bridge – Long Overdue Update – Estrogen Blockers Edition

If you read chapter 2, you will have read that I had to go off one of the drugs I was on in order to reduce the severity of the head pressure symptoms I have been experiencing. Tamoxifen is a drug that blocks estrogen in my body, which for my type of cancer helps to keep new tumors from forming and existing tumors from growing. There are no other drugs for premenopausal women that do the same thing. There is a class of drugs call aromatase inhibitors which have a similar function but only work on postmenopausal women. My doctor does not consider her patients post menopausal until they have had no periods for two years. In my case, chemo pushed me into menopause but it had only been a year since my last period. So…in order to qualify for the alternative drug, I needed to have my ovaries removed. I was referred to a gynecologist to consult about the procedure. He elected to first look at my hormone levels to determine if I am already in menopause. We did that and as it turns out, my bloodwork confirms that I am in fact post menopausal so the surgery was not necessary. I started taking to alternative drug and it is going well so far.

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