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Caring Bridge – Herbal Remedies?

I am taking matters into my own hands RE: the intracranial hypertension thing. Everything I read points to weight loss and diuretic meds as first line of treatment. my appt with the neurologist is not until next week but I am tired of waiting. Starting my weight loss program…smoothies for breakfast and lunch and a reasonably proportioned dinner. Fruits and veggies for when I need a snack. Going to try light walking even though any activity that raises my heart rate makes me feel like my head is going to explode. But I have to try something. Can’t achieve weight loss without exercise. Also going to try diuretic tea …dandelion root. I REALLY want to avoid going on another medication if I can avoid it. So wish me luck. Hoping for some improvement. This condition severely limits what I want to do around my place and it leaves me extremely frustrated and not a little depressed.

My next issue I am trying to solve is insomnia. It is associated with menopause and I have been dealing ok with it but the things I have been using are not really working anymore. I don’t want to take prescription drugs for it…docs want me to try antidepressants but I refused that. Could take Ativan but it is habit forming and I don’t want to that either. So I have been researching herbal teas to promote sleep and found a recipe I am going to try. If anyone has any other suggestions I would love to hear them. I am incapable of meditation so don’t bother suggesting that :).

Anyway…I am doing well other than the issues above. Take care and I’ll check in again soon.

From my Caring Bridge supporters:

Not meditation…. but how about yoga? Google theraputic yoga. Mild stretching… not the stuff that terrifies all of us. You would be moving and not have to leave the house!

— Vickie, October 17, 2013

I just read your post. I have two supplements not meds that my holistic dr. prescribed. I’ll note them tonight and text you tomorrow with them. I also drink the tea. However, I HATE hot tea and drink it luke warm. Are you on calcium? She also suggested taking calcium and magnesium at night. Not sure if you can take mag but it does help me sleep. I’ll be in touch. JJ

— Jacqueline, October 17, 2013

Hi Cindy –

Hmmm — Got my Aromatherapy and Natural Health books in front of me lets see what I can find…

Insomnia – Lavender, Lavender, Lavender! I sear by it too works for me and my mother 🙂 . 1 cup cold water, 12 to 16 drops of Lavender essential oil – Spray bottle with fine mister. add water and essential oils into the spray bottle. (You might want to store the spray in the refrigerator to stay cold as some say spraying it cold onto the body helps even more…Don’t know about that…) Shake the bottle well to mix the oil and water and spray on body. (most people do their lower legs…but I have done my torso and arms… it’s kind of what works for you type of thing…)

Chamomile Tea is also a big favorite! There is also the old “Warm Milk” remedy add a little bit of nutmeg and yummy!

Weight Loss -Lavender once again is said to help…(jury is still out on that one…) I know personally cooking with Olive oil helps me.

Exercise – this is always a personal one…have you tried simple yoga…it might also help with the insomnia and the headaches… Also swimming might be a little too stressful but what about water walking. Basically instead of walking laps on the ground you do it in the shallow end of the pool. Gives you a little more resistance than regular walking and being in the water might help you relax. My 80+ mother does this as part of her exercising and I did it under doctor orders when I was dealing with leg and back problems. (I was dealing with a lot of tension and stress issues at the time…)

Well I’m sure you’ll get tons of advice from you pals and friends! Think of you often! Hugs –

— Lisa, October 17, 2013

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