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Good News at Last

MRI of my brain came back negative! At last some good news…
Still feeling under the weather – can’t completely shake the nausea no matter what I try.

Don’t feel like doing much so reading a lot and watching movies. Felt like watching a Western for some reason the other night, so I watched “The Cowboy’s” with John Wayne. Great movie – but was pissed off that John Wayne had to die. Apparently, there are only a handful of movies that John Wayne actually dies in, and I had to choose the one he does. Also watched Sense and Sensibility (Emma Thompson version) – another favorite Jane Austin flick. And have been watching the Blue Planet documentary (the BBC version). On the TV series side – have been watching Idol (of course), Game of Thrones, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice. Also watching Season 2 of The Good Wife. And toying with the idea of re-watching all of the Sex and the City seasons. Love that show. Also – read Hunger Games this weekend (thanks Maggie for the recommendation). Reading the second book now with my daughter. Very addicting read.

A special thanks to the folks that are participating in Relay for Life – your support of me and the cause of curing cancer means so much.

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