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Caring Bridge – Checking In

Hello…just wanted to say hi. I am recovering well. A bit stronger each day. There are things that are still a challenge because I am building my strength in my back and legs. I have trouble bending over for any length of time and with getting up from a low sitting position. But like I said, it gets a bit stronger all the time. I have been pretty active…trying not to overdo it, but it does me good to keep moving. I still have pressure in my head when I bend over, but hopefully that will improve with time. Already it is better than it was.

Regarding my numerous open health items, I have one out of the way. Had my port checked and it is still working for pushing medicine, it just can’t be used for blood draws. It’s a shame, but at least it can still be used for my treatments every three weeks. I may one day have to replace it, but not now. I also went to see my plastic surgeon and get that going again. Waiting for sign off to proceed from my various doctors, but I am confident that it will be ok. No surgery date as of yet, but hoping for some time this month.

Also…had a PET scan today. Waiting anxiously for my results. Say a little prayer for me if you will that the results come back positive.

From my Caring Bridge supporters:

Cindy, it goes without saying, I will be praying all day for a positive outcome to your PET scan.

Love you much

— Sandra, April 1, 2014